The Single Wing has had unparalleled success across the country from Alaska to Florida. There is still a small group of very successful High School coaches still running the Single Wing from Florida to California. In 2006 alone, three Single Wing teams played in the Virginia High School State Finals, with two winning Titles. Even a number of college teams today run Single Wing plays and formations, like Florida, Boise State, West Virginia, Utah, Missouri, Texas, Nevada, Texas A&M and Arkansas to name a few. In today’s lingo many call it a multiple shotgun offense, but it’s still the Single Wing.

We think the Single Wing Offense makes sense for a variety of reasons:

– Many youth teams never adjust to the unbalanced formation.
– Most teams give us numbers advantages before the play even starts.
– The snap is much safer, if we fumble the snap we have more room to recover.
– The ability to snap to 3 different backs is incredibly deceptive.
– The spin series is the most deceptive and least seen series in football.
– The defenses are not used to seeing this offense.
– Scout teams have a hard time emulating this offense.
– It’s easy to pass out of with the offset fullback and tailback.
– Fewer handoffs that often cause fumbles.
– No pitch sweeps required to get outside, hence no pitchesสมัครเข้าเว็บหลัก ufabet on the ground.
– Ball control means less time for your defense on the field.
– Excellent “cult” support system.
– Overwhelm your opponent at the point of attack.
– No requirement to have a stud quarterback or big feature back.
– All the kids get involved in the offense, it’s team football at its finest.
– It’s fun for the kids and the coaches.
– It doesn’t require lots of big linemen.
– It’s flexible.
– It maximizes the talent you do have.
– It has unmatched power.
– No quarterback under the center for our pulling linemen to run into.
– Easy to put anyone in to carry the ball during blowouts.